Big Bear Valley

Sportsman's Club







Rifle and Pistol Ranges from 18 to 100 Yards

Regulation trap field 16 to 27 yards

The Big Bear Valley Sportsman's Club (Incorporated 1946) operates the only supervised shooting facility in Big Bear Valley, on property leased from the National Forest Service.  A NRA certified range safety officer supervises the site whenever the range is open.

Shooters must provide their own firearms and ammunition.  Eye and ear protection are required for all shooters and spectators within the shooting area.

Range fees for the general public are $10.00 per person / per day, rifle and pistol, $8.00 per round of trap.  Member fees are $5.00 for rifle and pistol and $5.00 for a round of trap.  A family club membership is $35.00 per season.

WARNING:  Unauthorized use of the range will be reported by neighbors to the Sheriff and may result in arrest and confiscation of firearms.


FOR YOUR SAFETY:  We may limit the number of rifle / pistol shooters to twelve per Range Safety Officer.  When only one RSO is available it is likely that there will be a wait for available shooting lanes.

MINORS are allowed to shoot on this range only with consent of the RSO and written consent and direct supervision of a parent or legal guardian (CA Pen Code, §§ 29610, 29615, 29650, 29655).  However, no one under 8yrs of age may handle a firearm at this range.  Due to possible hearing damage small children may not be allowed on the range.  Parents or legal guardians must provide hearing protection and minors must wear hearing protection BEFORE entering the shooting area.

HANDICAP ACCESS:  Reasonable accommodations will be made available.  Please call the range office 15 minutes before arrival.  Staff will meet your vehicle and escort you to the special parking area, inside the range, which will require a mandatory cease fire and safety check before the escorted vehicle can enter.  Please note that the range is located on Federal Land, and access requires “off-road” travel in semi-treacherous conditions, created by nature, and not within the control of the range, the officers or the members.

STEEL JACKETED , steel core, armor-piercing, tracer and / or incendiary ammunition of any caliber is not allowed.  If the bullet is attracted by a magnet it is not permitted on the range.  Steel case is OK.  Check your ammo before bringing it to the range.  Much ammunition sold for military style rifles is unacceptable on this range.

50 BMG and other firearms based upon this cartridge are not allowed. Large magnum revolvers and pistols (greater than .44 magnum) are not allowed on the range.   Shot size for trap is limited to 7, 7.5, 8, 8.5 and 9.  Steel shot is not allowed.

All members and guests are required to sign an indemnification and save harmless waiver prior to each use of the range facilities.


On days of inclement weather, the range may close early or not open at all.  Call ahead if weather seems questionable.


* The rifle and pistol side of the range is closed to both members and the public on the third Saturday of every month from 10:00 AM until approximately 1:30 PM for a black powder shooting event.  Trap is open during these events.

Mailing Address:   BBVSC P O Box 566 Big Bear City, CA 92314

Range phone during hours of operation only: (909) 585-4686


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