Big Bear Valley   

Sportsman's  Club

We have a regulation trap field with ranges of 16 - 27 yards.  Our trap machine will throw standard singles, "wobblers" or doubles.  Courtesy shell bags are available to trap shooters.

Our 24 covered pistol and rifle stations offer ranges of 18, 25, 50, 75 and 100 yards.  A target stand with a standard NRA rifle or pistol target is provided for each shooter.  You may also use your own paper targets but no photograph or other character renditions except standard sihouette.

"Swinger" targets are allowed for .22 but no other calibers and no other targets are permitted on the range.  Steel core and tracer ammunition is prohibited.


50 BMG and other firearms based upon this cartridge are not allowed.  Large magnum revolvers and pistols (greater than .44 magnum) are not allowed on the range.